Saturday, September 23, 2006

About Me

Mirella Sichirollo Patzer 

Historical Fiction Author

First generation Italian/Canadian, I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, but grew up in Calgary, a city famous for the Calgary Stampede, oil companies, and the wild west. I attended the University of Calgary where I specialized in leadership and human resources. I have worked as a bilingual secretary, police radio operator, and administrative manager.

I write sweeping historical novels set in exciting periods of history. From the medieval eras to the early 18th century, my novels feature intriguing characters and fascinating heroines. My favourite setting is Italy, for that's where the root of my passion lies, the roots of my strong Italian heritage, but I have also written about early Canada and medieval Germany.

I love a clean orderly house but hate housework, detest winter, and is a mild claustraphobic. My passions are books and reading, cooking, writing, and a good helping of my home-made tira-mi-su - a recipe that will rival those of the best Italian restaurants. I live in Cochrane, Alberta, with my husband and family.


highheeledhistorian said...

This is a fascinating blog and a great idea. I'll keep visiting.
As an historian myself, I find Vera Brittain one of the most inspiring women throughout history, perhaps because of her sheer determination to study at university and to pursue the education that she felt that she, as a woman, deserved. Anyone prepared to commit to their education to that degree must be admired.

Good luck,

Christina said...

Hi, I love your blog!! And you need to include Grand Duchess Elizabeth of Russia - not brazen but fascinating! The granddaughter of Queen Vitoria who brought the ill-fated Nicholas and Alexandra together...

Being brazen myself ;-), I recommend my novel about her:

And if that doesn't interest you, how about this truly delightful little video of Princess Alice of Athlone appearing on your lovely site :-)

Thank you for all your wonderful posts!

Foxy in the Waiting Room said...

I love your blog. My two favourite women in history are Mary Wollstonecraft - was she the first feminist? - and Sophie Scholl, a German who actively opposed the Third Reich by contributing and distributing The White Rose. Oddly enough, like us, they're both Taureans. I am delighted to pass you a blog award that you can find at Foxy