Monday, September 3, 2007


Would you like us to review your novel? 

At Historical Novel Review, we review only fiction novels.
We consider it a privilege to review an author's work.  We understand that years of hard work goes into writing a good book.  We also believe that books, like movies, are subject to personal taste.  What one reader loves, another may dislike.  Therefore, it is our policy never to post negative novel reviews.  If  one of our reviewers reads a particular novel, and dislikes it for whatever reason, we will not write and post a negative review.  Rather, we will remain silent and will send our regrets to the requestor accordingly.  

We accept advanced reading copies or trade paper backs or PDF and possibly other electronic formats depending upon the electronic devices of our reviewers.  

If you wish to submit your fiction novel, please email us at

When submitting, please include Author Name, Title, and a brief synopsis.

We post the information on a list until a reviewer accepts the book.  After 30 days, if no reviewer volunteers, you will be notified.

Please note Featured Author weeks are by invitation only by individual reviewers.  

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