Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thief's Desire by Isabo Kelly

Thief’s Desire by Isabo Kelly

In the mystical kingdom of Karasnia, Victoria Flash, abandoned in childhood, is a street smart thief and a gambler of exceptional talent. When she wins a large amount of money at a card game against Big Charlie, the leader of a rival gang, his wrath forces her into hiding.

By accident, she encounters the handsome and intriguing Jacob Marin, a general of the King’s Own guards. He is so impressed with her many crafty talents, he hires her to spy for him. This catapults the unsuspecting Vic and Jacob into a world of dark and evil.

Together, Vic and Jacob find themselves trying to overcome a very evil villain bent on becoming more powerful. They must overcome powerful magic spells, fight off terrible forest beasts, face goblins, and save a small baby who can influence the destiny of the entire world. The danger and adventure result in an inextricable bond and abounding love to blossom between them.

The author, Isabo Kelly, sweeps us into a very realistic romantic fantasy adventure. Victoria and Jacob are believable characters - strong, charismatic, and intriguing. Both are vulnerable not only to each other but to their own strengths and weaknesses. The romance unfolds gradually and very realistically. I especially enjoyed some of the unique and humorous situations the two characters often found themselves immersed in.

Jacob and Vic are powerful and sly and very much draw the reader into the tale. I especially enjoyed the realistic settinga and circumstances of the story. If you want to get lost in a real romp through the annals of time, then this medieval fantasy is a great one to do just that.

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