Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Vengeance is Mine by Brandy Purdy

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In 16th century England, when Henry VIII reigns as king, Lady Jane (nee Rochford) Boleyn falls madly in love with her new husband, George Boleyn. But Jane becomes obsessively convinced that George carries a torch for another woman – his sister Anne Boleyn, second wife of the king. Anne Boleyn becomes the object of her scorn.

As the pressure builds for Anne to provide a male heir for the king, Jane’s frustration with her marriage and her hatred for her sister-in-law builds into treachery and betrayal by providing evidence that Anne and George indulged in an incestuous relationship. This is just the excuse the king needs to get out of his marriage to Anne and enter into a new marriage with the lovely Jane Seymour.

After sending her Anne, George, and three other male supporters of the queen to the gallows, Jane’s life spirals into a lonely, shunned existance which ultimately leads to her demise.

Once again, Brandy Purdy has written an excellent, fictional account of the life of this little known woman. Ms. Purdy’s dramatic style and flair for storytelling made this book a highly enjoyable read. She has an uncanny ability to highlight both the the faults and the good qualities of her characters. Where history is vague, Purdy entertains by filling in the blanks with intriguing plots, shocking behaviour, and unusual elements.

Historical fiction can be challenging at times. Information and resources can be vague or even contradictory at times. Some details are left to the author’s sole interpretation. Brandy Purdy filled in these blanks and enhanced her version of history with her own creative detail and imagination in order to spin a vivid, colorful tale of the horrors of the Tudor court. For those who long to read a story well-told and who are open minded enough to permit the introduction of colorful, rich, and vibrant fictionalized details, this is fiction at its best. A great book to snuggle up to which will keep you turning pages long into the night. Having read both of Brandy Purdy’s books, I am truly a fan, not only because of her lyrical prose and strong writing, but for the intriguing tales she weaves above and beyond similar novels of the genre.

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