Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kingdom of Bones by Stephen Gallagher

After a successful career as a boxer, Tom Sayers becomes the manager for a traveling theatre company. He becomes desperately besotted with Louise Porter, a beautiful young singer/actress in the group. Louise is conscious of Tom’s esteem, but she is romantically interested in another performer. As the company tours about in England, they leave behind a string of suspicious murders that match the dates and locations of their appearances. When Pinkerton detective, Sebastian Becker, arrests Sayers for the serial murders, Sayers escapes, determined to find the true killer and prove his innocence.

Because of his connections to the world of the occult, Sayers seeks the assistance of author Bram Stoker. Stoker believes that Sayer is innocent and offers to help him. But, the murders continue and Sayer soon learns the evil is much darker than anticipated.

Tom follows Louise to America where he learns more disturbing information – the killer may be one of the theatre company’s players. Like a faithful bloodhound, Pinkerton follows the trail of his nemesis in order to bring him to justice. Tom is desperate to protect Louise but must continue to seek the true murder and prove his innocence.

Set in the late 19th century, Stephen Gallagher has crafted a wonderfully intense gothic psychological thriller that sweeps the reader from England to America. It is an incredible tale of corruption and human depravity, danger and betrayal, passion and evil.

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