Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Heretic Queen - Win a copy!

Thanks for visiting the blog this week as we hosted our Featured Author Michelle Moran. Michelle will provide a hardcover copy of her latest novel, The Heretic Queen, as well as a paperback copy of last year's bestseller Nefertiti, to the first person who can answer the following questions:

1. In the novel The Heretic Queen, what is Princess Nefertari's relationship to Queen Nefertiti?

2. Nefertiti was author Michelle Moran's debut novel in the US, but what was the title of her first novel?

3. At what age did author Michelle Moran begin submitting her stories and novellas to publishers?

Good luck in the contest, and thanks for visiting our blog. We hope you enjoyed learning more about our Featured Author Michelle Moran.

1 comment:

Ms. Lucy said...


To answer your 3 questions on Michelle Moran:

1)Nefertari is Nefertiti's niece.

2) Her first novel was Nana's Secret Christmas Room.

3)She began submitting at 12 years old.

What a fun quiz!