Sunday, November 9, 2008

We have a winner of The Heretic Queen!

Congratulations to Ms. Lucy who correctly answered the questions in The Heretic Queen contest and has won a copy of The Heretic Queen and Nefertiti, by Featured Author Michelle Moran.

1) In the novel The Heretic Queen, what is Princess Nefertari's relationship to Queen Nefertiti? Answer: Nefertari is Nefertiti's niece.

2) Nefertiti was author Michelle Moran's debut novel in the US, but what was the title of her first novel? Answer: Her first novel was Nana's Secret Christmas Room.

3)At what age did author Michelle Moran begin submitting her stories and novellas to publishers? Answer: She began submitting at 12 years old.

Please contact Michelle to obtain your copies of the books, and thanks for participating.

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