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A lost ancient treasure. A 100 year family feud. A woman who must choose between two men: one bound by a dying wish, the other bound by desperation. And a passion richer than the bloodstone pendant she wears around her neck.

In medieval Italy, as spirited and stalwart as any man, the brazen Countess Morena is betrothed to the impoverished, black-hearted Count Ernesto; a man desperate to escape his mounting gambling debts by marrying her and laying claim to the ancient treasure secreted somewhere in the underbelly of her castle. Morena meets her match when Amoro, the handsome and brash heir to the Duchy of Genoa, swears an oath upon his father’s grave to claim her as his bride and end the feud between their families. Soon, Amoro’s virile charm awakens the passion in her steadfast heart. But a treacherous plot ensnares them; Ernesto abducts Morena and renders Amoro helpless. Embroiled in a life-and-death chase, Morena learns that not even the devious madness of her captor can destroy her love for Amoro as their hearts unite and their destinies become one.


Tenth-century Germany is a divided country, ever at the mercy of its ruthless, power-hungry dukes.

Then Heinrich, Duke of Saxony and Thuringia, meets the virtuous Countess Matilda of Westphalia. Reluctant to wed at first, Matilda slowly grows to love her charismatic and courageous husband who dreams of one day uniting Germany and becoming king.
But as Heinrich's attentions turn again and again to waging war upon the enemy Magyars and growing ever more powerful, turmoil plagues him and he is charged with treason.

With a death sentence upon his head, Heinrich fights back until a twist of fate helps him realize his ultimate dream.

The turbulent clashes and the personal destinies of the people caught in this medieval tale are magnificently interwoven in this sweeping novel of power and passion, loyalty and lies.

Amidst bloody wars, scheming dukes, towns under siege, and virtuous women, Heinrich and Matilda conquer the world of their times. History and fiction combine to bring to life this tangled, tempestuous era.


Growing up an Italian woman in the New World sometimes involves the keeping of secrets, the telling of lies, and the patience of a saint.

In 25 stories, 18 women share their tales of rememberance and resistance - some comic, some tragic, some nostaligic, all true.

Their voices echo from coast to coast, across generations, and across the Atlantic as they talk about living a double life with a private/public split personality.
Intimate, inspiring, brave, and confssional, their words reveal women old enough to reminisce yet young enough to revolutionalize.

Balancing between the Old Country and the new, a respect for tradition and the need to break with it, this collection is a rare and surprising blend of humour and candor that promises the perfect conversation starter at the next wedding, funeral, or book club.

Mamma mia, what will they dare say next?

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