Monday, December 15, 2008

Duking Days Rebellion

In Anita Davison's novel Duking Days Rebellion, set during the turbulent days of the 17th century Monmouth Rebellion, young Helena Woulfe prepares for great responsibility and changes in her life.

The sole privileged daughter of her family, Helena's life is disrupted when her father and brother Aaron answer the Duke of Monmouth's call to rally in support of his claim to the English kingdom. Torn between concerns for her family and future, Helena boldly sets out with a trusted family servant to learn their fate. She experiences the pain of war, but in the aftermath returns home to an even greater tragedy as her family loses more than its lifelong home. Bereft without her parents or news of Aaron's fate, Helena and her younger brother Henry journey to forge new lives and connections in London. As children of a named rebel, they are worried about their future but are welcomed into the kind comfort of Lambton's Inn, by its proprietors, the Devereaux family.

In London, Henry carves his own destiny, while Helena seeks a secure future. She encounters an unexpected enemy with designs on her ancestral home and learns an earth-shattering secret about her father. Most of all, she learns about personal strength and the healing power of love. It's an engaging plot, with remarkable characters, both fictional and historical personages. If you're looking for historical accuracy and detail, a strong heroine and a memorable read, be sure to check out Duking Days Rebellion.

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