Friday, December 12, 2008

Future Books

A Scarlet Mantle
Mathilde of Ringelheim
Book 1
Women of the Ottonian Empire Series

Blessed with the gift of prophecy through dreams, Mechthild of Ringelheim knows she is destined to rise to great heights.

When she marries Heinrich Liudolfing she enters the dazzling, and sometimes treacherous world of the German court.

The turbulent clashes and personal destinies of the people caught in this medieval tale are magnificently interwoven in this sweeping novel of power and passion, loyalty and lies.


In Medieval Italy, scandal and slander rip apart two families.

Dark secrets, long buried, threaten to destroy life-long friendships.

Twin daughters are separated at birth.

One will live a life of privilege.

The other is abandoned in an olive tree to live a life of humility in a monastery.

Fate intervenes and the truth will be exposed.

A story of a destiny that demands to be discovered!

The Blighted Troth

In 18th century New France, one man and one woman's wedding is prevented and their lives are in danger when an infamous, dangerous overlord threatens anyone who performs their marriage.

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