Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gold Digger by Vicky Delany

It’s the spring of 1898 and Dawson, Yukon Territory, is the most exciting town in North America. The great Klondike Gold Rush is in full swing and Fiona MacGillivray has crawled over the Chilkoot Pass determined to make her fortune as the owner of the Savoy dance hall. Provided, that is, if her 12-year-old son, growing up much too fast for her liking; the former Glasgow street fighter who’s now her business partner; a stern, handsome NWMP constable; an ageing, love-struck, ex-boxing champion; a wild assortment of headstrong dancers, croupiers, gamblers, madams without hearts of gold, bar hangers-on, cheechakos and sourdoughs; and Fiona’s own nimble-fingered past don’t get to her first.

And then there’s a dead body on centre stage.

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MJ Smith said...

My new novel is set in the Klondike Gold rush period. Its somewhat difficult to get inspired but you give me hope that I may complete my book. Thanks