Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Surrender the Wind Book Review

Seth Braxton fought loyally in the American Revolution. Not for England, his homeland, but for America and the rich Virginian farmland he owns and cherishes. It is a way of life he has wholeheartedly come to love. But the war and his role as an American patriot has torn his family apart when his younger sister, Caroline, is sent to England to live with their loyalist grandfather whom Seth believes has disowned him.

Much to his surprise, Seth Braxton learns of his grandfather's death and that the old man left his entire estate, Ten Width, to him. Although reluctant to leave his beloved Virginia, he travels to England to check on his sister and conclude matters regarding his inheritance. Then he dreams of returning to America. When he arrives he is dismayed to learn that tragedy has struck. Caroline has lost not only her husband, but her young son too. She is bedridden with illness and grief. At her side is her long-time friend Juleah, the daughter of eccentric gentleman and delicate mother.

Juleah's beauty and strength instantly win Seth and they soon wed. But Juleah's past rises to the forefront and prevents harmony in their new marriage. An old suitor, the son of Seth's grandfather's second wife, is angered at Juleah's marriage and he sets out to take back what he has always sought --- Juleah and Ten Width Manor.

Bit by bit, Seth and Juleah find themselves embroiled in treachey. From kidnapping to deceit, betrayal to murder, one sinister plot after another fills the pages of this novel to ensnare the reader to the very end.

Surrender the Wind is a gripping tale of intrigue that kept me turning the pages long after I should have turned out the lights. I found the characters believable and well-rounded, their dialogue vividly realistic. The pace quickens chapter by chapter as one story twists after another is revealed. Historically accurate, the reader is drawn into the detailed description of English life.

Expect the unexpected in this inspirational tale of romance and history.

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