Monday, November 16, 2009

Blue Bells of Scotland by Laura Vosika

Back Cover Blurb:

Blue Bells of Scotland
Shawn Kleiner has it all: money, fame, a skyrocketing career as an international musical phenomenon, his beautiful girlfriend Amy, and all the women he wants-- until the night Amy has enough and leaves him stranded in a Scottish castle tower.

He wakes up to find himself mistaken for Niall Campbell, medieval Highland warrior. Soon after, he is sent shimmying down a wind-torn castle wall into a dangerous cross country trek with Niall's tempting, but knife-wielding fiancee. They are pursued by English soldiers and a Scottish traitor who want Niall dead.

Thrown forward in time, Niall learns history’s horrifying account of his own death, and of the Scots’ slaughter at Bannockburn. Undaunted, he navigates the roiled waters of Shawn’s life-- pregnant girlfriend, amorous fans, enemies, and gambling debts--- seeking a way to leap back across time to save his people, especially his beloved Allene. His growing fondness for Shawn’s life brings him face to face with his own weakness and teaches him the true meaning of faith.

Blue Bells of Scotland is both a historical adventure and a tale of redemption that will be remembered long after the last page has been turned.

So begins the Blue Bells of Scotland Trilogy....

The First Line: "'Shawn' means 'self' and 'Kleiner' means 'centered!'" His girlfriend, an English major, flung it at him as an insult.


My What would happen if two men travelled through time and found themselves in different centuries and immersed in each others’ lives? This is exactly the premise behind the novel, BLUE BELLS OF SCOTLAND, by Laura Vosika.

Niall Campbell is a medieval warrior, military trainer, and future son-in-law of the laird of his clan. One day, he will assume leadership of the clan. But as the winds of war brew, Niall and his betrothed, Allene, argue. In a drunken state, Niall falls asleep. When he awakens, he finds himself thrust seven hundred years into the future into the life of a famous musician and womanizer by the name of
Shawn Kleiner. It is here that he learns the fate of his country and his people.

Shawn Kleiner is a famous musician, spoiled and arrogant, who wields his power and money to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself that will get him what he wants. After a spat with his girlfriend, Amy, he find himself immersed in the life of Niall Campbell in 14th century Scotland.

BLUE BELLS OF SCOTLAND is an entertaining, sometimes humorous, sometimes sad story, about two men propelled into adverse situations, which will forever alter their lives. Laura Vosika is a storyteller with a propensity for lots of details which truly makes this story vivid and believable. She skilfully weaves plenty of tension into the tale as the reader explores Scottish history. The main characters not travel through time, but they find themselves on a journey of self-discovery. As such, they evolve and change in a touching, sometimes heart-wrenching manner. It is this, along with a richness of detail, that makes this story larger than life. BLUE BELLS OF SCOTLAND, is the first instalment of a three book series. For lovers of time travel, medieval, or Scottish history, this story has it all.

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