Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Our blog was recently nominated and tagged as a Kreativ Blogger. The rules of earning this nomination is to complete the following:

1. Tell readers seven things about yourself.
2. In the Kreativ Blogger post, add the link of the blog who nominated you.
3. Give the links to seven favourite blogs and let them know you have nominated them to participate.

So I completed this on behalf of our wonderful group of ladies. Here is our submission:

7 Things about myself:

I once met Paul Newman at a local movie theatre in Calgary Alberta. He pulled up to the box office in a silver Ferrari to buy two tickets to The Pink Panther - his guest was Joanne Wooward, his wife.

I’ve had the very expensive privilege of riding in a Gondola in Venice.

I once dreamed all the numbers in the lotto, which was 10 million dollars. The excitement woke me up and I drifted between sleep and wakefulness for a few minutes. Then I darted from bed and scrambled for a pen to write the numbers down. I could remember only 4 of the six numbers. They all came up. If I hadn’t of lingered, I would have remembered all six and would have been a multi-millionaire today. So if you ever remember the numbers, for goodness sake, believe them, write them down, and play them.

When I was on a bus once, standing, ready to get off, the bus suddenly lurched and I fell head first into the lap of a nice looking young man. My nose hit the bulls-eye! I was so embarassed, I simply ran out as soon as the doors opened.

I love to crochet novelty items like intricate teacups and beautiful heirloom blankets. I taught myself to crochet when I was seven.

I make the best tira-mi-su recipe I’ve ever tasted. LOL

In my early 20’s, I had an appointment with Simon Alexander, a world famous psychic from England. Everything he told me has come true. The last thing he said was that I was going to live to be 89. I plan on proving him false.

My Link Back to the Blog who nominated us:

Ron Empress

And here are my 7 links I nominate for the Kreativ Blogger Award:

Historical Fiction Roundtable

This is a brand new blog and one to keep your eyes on. These ladies will be reviewing some of today’s hottest historical fiction novels. They're just getting started, and it looks fabulous so far.

StarSeeker Connection

This is the site of a professional astrologer who is branching out to do astrological charts for an authors’ characters. Her blog posts are accurate and fascinating. And she has given me some excellent insight into my main character.

The Book Shelf Muse/

This is a fabulous blog for writers. The author has compiled a wonderful thesaurus for body language as it pertains to emotions. I visit this little goldmine of information frequently, and so will you.

Historical Saga Novels

Who doesn’t love a good family saga? I sure do. Here’s a blog that is written by a collection of historical family saga writers. The novels they have featured so far are intriguing. You'll find many favourites here.

My Dog Ate My Manuscript

Here’s the blog of a fellow author, Gemini Sasson. She’s a talented writer and one to definitely keep your eyes on. Her works in progress are brilliant and her writing is unbelievable beautiful.

Women of History

I’ve been addicted to Melisende’s Women of History blog for several years now. Over the years, her blog has grown to a wealth of information on women from all over the world. It is worth spending your time at her blog. Fascinating as well as informative.
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