Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Creed of Violence by Boston Teran

First Line: He was born in Scabtown the day Lincoln was assassinated at Ford's Theatre.

The Creed of Violence by Boston Teran is a fascinating, multi-faceted novel that takes place in Mexico in 1910. It is the poignant tale of two men who must come to terms with their horrific pasts. The story is set against the political backdrop of Mexico, a country on the verge of a revolution and embroiled in a fight for oil.

From the dregs of poverty, depravity, and criminality, a man named Rawbone struggles to eek out a living. Many years ago, he had a wife and son, who he abandoned. Now, nearly destitute, he catches a ride with two men in a truck who are secretly transporting weapons. He poisons the men and takes their truck with all its armaments. Rawbone travels to his old friend, a corrupt lawyer addicted to opium, for advice.

John Lourdes is an FBI agent and Rawbone’s long, lost son. In return for his freedom, Rawbone is required to drive the truck and arms to American security agents in Tampico. The catch is that he must be supervised by John Lourdes the entire time. Rawbone does not recognize his son, but Lourdes remembers his father very well and despises him for not only abandoning him and his mother, but for the murderer and criminal he has become. Lourde’s is a self-made man, having successfully crawled out of the poverty and slums he was born into. And he hates his father.

Father and son encounter numerous obstacles together in their assignment to expose the criminals at the core of the revolution. Amidst train wrecks, greed, explosions, murder, and intrigue, father and son enter upon a life and death collision course and must come to terms with each other. Slowly, they secretly come to know each other. More than anything else, this is also a tale of forgiveness.

This little book packs a huge wallop. It reads like a blockbuster movie. It is no wonder that The Creed of Violence was recently purchased by Universal Pictures for the second highest price ever paid for a manuscript. I can even visualize the part of Rawbone being portrayed by Clint Eastwood.

Everything about this book is fascinating, even the author’s bio:

No one knows the identify of Boston Teran. Some say that he is a well-known writer using a pseudonym. Others say Boston Teran is the name used by a small group of writers working together to create one identity…The Creed of Violence is his sixth book.

Boston Teran has won numerous awards:
- Winner of the 1999 BOMC Stephen Crane Literary First Fiction Award
- Finalist for the 1999 Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award for Best
First Novel
- Winner of the 2000 CWA John Creasey Award for Best First Novel
- Nominee for the 2001 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award
- Winner of the 2002 Fiction Lovers Association of Japan Fiction
- Novel of the Year Award Winner of the 2002 Fiction Lovers
- Grand Prix Calibre 38 (Meilleur roman policier) 2004
- Association of Japan Crime Novel of the Year Award

This is an easy read, but with full entertainment value. Keep your eye out for the movie, which is sure to be a big hit, just like the book will be.

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franceshunter said...

This book sounds fantastic, and I am blown away by the unique cover design too. I have been wanting to learn more about the Mexican Revolution, and this sounds like a rip-roaring way to start. Thanks for bringing Mr. Teran's book to notice on your blog.