Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Contest and Giveaway Announcement: Grant's Indian

Enter to win Peter Johnson's novel: Grant's Indian

There are two ways to enter:

1. Leave a comment this week with a fun fact about Ely Parker, the central character from Grant's Indian, that you learned from Peter Johnson's website: http://peterjohnsonbooks.com. It must be a unique fact, so read all the entries before you post your own.

2. Blog about this giveaway, post it on your Facebook page, or tweet it on Twitter. Leave a separate comment with a link to your post or your twitter user name.

Congratulations and good luck!


Linda said...

I've been fascinated by Ely Parker ever since seeing him as part of the Civil War documentary that Ken Burns produced for PBS. Interesting that he married a white woman who told him to "be a man" rather than a white man or an Indian man. Sounds like such an interesting book. Thanks for the giveaway.

Kitty said...

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Kitty said...

Ely Samuel Parker (1828 – August 31, 1895), (born Hasanoanda, later known as Donehogawa) was a Native American of the Seneca nation who was an attorney, engineer, and tribal diplomat. He was commissioned a lieutenant colonel during the American Civil War, where he served as adjutant to General Ulysses S. Grant. He wrote the final draft of the Confederate surrender terms at Appomattox.


Kitty said...


Pricilla said...

I really don't know anything about Mr. Parker but would love to learn more. I am fascinated with the Civil War.

I learned:
His quest gets him into all sorts of trouble, including his comic-opera wedding, which he misses once by getting drunk and throwing himself into the Potomac

Thank you
kaiminani at gmail dot com

Pricilla said...

thank you
kaiminani at gmail dot com

mariag said...

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mariag said...

I know very little about
Ely Parker but he sounds fascinating.

I learned he made and lost a fortune on wall street.

Anonymous said...

I learned that Parker married Minnie Sackett. That tickles me because the name sounds so Indian -like Minnetonka or Minnehaha - but she wasn't Indian. It just happened to be her name.

rjf1206 said...

Ely Parker learned English at Yates Academy.


Theresa N. said...

That he was a U.S. Engineer, their's much to admire in this man.
Theresa N

Teddy Rose said...

Parker spent his last 20 years working as a clerk in the New York City Police Department.

This sound like a wonderful book that I would enjoy. Thanks for the giveaway!

teddyr66@yahoo dot com