Monday, April 5, 2010

Contest Details - The Art of Kristin Forbes-Mullane


All week, History and Women is featuring the hauntingly beautiful art of Kristin Forbes-Mullane, a talented artist in our world today.
Enter to win a copy of her art of your choice from her etsy shop at

All you have to do is leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post and answering the following questions which can be found on her website and blog
1.  From who did Kristin inherit her talent and passion for art?   
2.  In which city will Kristin be hosting her Solo Show in April 2010?
3.  What did Kristin recently find in Heber Arizona recently? 
4.  What do you like most about Kristin's art?   

To win, you must leave a comment and answer each of these questions.  Please ensure you provide us with your name and email so that we can notify the winner.

I hope you visit each day as we introduce Kristin and her hauntingly beautiful art!


Blythe said...

1) Kristin inherited her talent and passion from her father.

2) Her solo show will be in Phoenix.

3) She found a skull with horns--and those aren't that common.

4) I like her brushwork. It's hugely confident. Without that, those images (Space Nun!) would never have a way out.

NovelEagle said...

Hauntingly beautiful describes it well. I would be proud to display any or all of it.