Monday, April 12, 2010

Contest - Enter to Win - Daughters of the Witching Hill by Mary Sharatt

We are very excited to feature Mary Sharratt and her exciting new novel, Daughters of the Witching Hill. 

To kick off the launch of her novel, Mary Sharratt will be offering a copy of her book to give away.

In order to win you must leave a comment at the bottom of this or any other posts this week that feature Mary.  Please provide your name, email address, and answer the following questions:

1.  What is the name of Mary's horse?

2.  Name another of Mary's novels.

4.  Tell Mary why this book appeals to you so much and why you deserve to win.

The answers can be found at:

At the end of the week, Mary will judge all the entries and we'lll announce the winner on Friday!

Good Luck!


lareinedumonde said...

I want a copy!!! :)
Boushka is Mary's pony, "The Vanishing POint" is a previous book...
And I dont know why I deserve to win!! I'd just love to have a signed copy:) I've been following the road to publication, as usual, and it sounds great, though i have to wait until term is through to read. Also reminds me of other stories of witches that might have been modelled on the Pendle witches, and am curious to see how Mary writes about them--i am sure there will be more detail than what i've seen so far!

Pricilla said...

Thank you.
Her pony is Boushka,

I have actually read Vanishing Point and enjoyed it thoroughly.

I would love a copy of Daughters of The Witching Hill because it would be interesting to see how the treatment of so called witches was the same or different in England than in Salem and if the attitudes that prevailed in England at the time were "brought over" to the colonies and then impacted the treatment on the so called witches of the nascent United States.

thank you
kaiminani at gmail dot com

Blythe said...

Because I just won a beautiful work of art, I will not be an entrant here. But I must say that Mary Sharatt's words held me me spellbound.

I've just ordered a copy of this book.

Esme said...

Boushka is Mary's pony- Summit Avenue is another book. Why should I read-I love books about this horrible period of history-where there was intolerance towards women and those who were different. I am not familiar with Mary Sharatt and would also like to discover her books.

Esme said...

oops I forgot my email above. chocolate and croissants at yahoo dot com

Sandra K321 said...

Another book is Summit Avenue.
Mary's very beautiful Welch mare is Boushka.
I love historical fiction and have read several stories about Salem and the American witch trials, but done about the Lancashire witches. It's amazing what hysteria can lead otherwise normal people to do.

Anonymous said...

Allison Gardner
Mary Sharrat also wrote The Vanishing Point

Paula said...

Mary Sharratt also wrote The Real Minerva. She is a really great author and I would love to win a copy of this book.

Mary Sharratt said...

Thank you, everyone, for participating!