Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Interview with Kristin Forbes-Mullane

Today, I'm thrilled to have artist Kristin Forbes-Mullane join us on History and Women.  I discovered her work accidentally on the internet and was immediately drawn by its beauty and uniqueness. 

Welcome Kristin! Thank you for joining us here today.  Please describe your work for us.
With each acrylic painting, I strive to make the viewer of my work feel something… My thought has always been that if you look at a piece of artwork and don’t feel anything, its not art (or maybe I should say, its not art that I like). I’ve found that the most profound and moving feelings are more on the dark, sinister side. The portrait of the cute little girl is, just that… cute. But, if that little girl is cute and also looks like she bites, the work is that much more intriguing. The work becomes something more than just a painting to look at. The viewer can create their own story or draw their own conclusions as to why the person (or thing) looks the way it does. What happened? I bet it was something bad..
What mediums do you work with?
I mainly work with acrylic paint.. a lot of my work starts its life as a sketch, so I spend a lot of time drawing as well. One of these days I’ll probably try out some oil, but for now, you just cant beat the easy cleanup of acrylic.
Which artist from history do you most admire?
I’m a big fan of El Greco and Caravaggio… it was all so dramatic and kind of scary.
Do you have any formal training or are you self-taught?
I’m a self taught artist.. (or, I think its called “The School of Where Its At”)
How did you discover your talent?
That’s a tough question.. I don’t know that I ever really discovered it, there was no “ah ha!” moment, its just something that I’ve always done.
Where do your ideas come from? Describe your creative process?
Ideas pop into my head constantly.. they come from pretty much everything around me. I really love religious artwork and crazy looking people, especially old family photos. Nobody ever smiled in the those pictures.. I’ve always wondered why. My creative process is usually to let all those ideas have cage match in my head until one comes out the winner.
What challenges do you face in your work?
I think just getting yourself out there… there’s a million artists in this world.
How has the Internet affected you as an artist?
If I was stranded on a desert island and I could only bring one thing, I might bring internet access… oh, or beer.
What is your greatest ambition?
To successfully develop time space travel.

What advice would you give a new aspiring artist who is starting and wondering where to start?

I’d say paint as much as you can, get lots of practice and work at creating a strong body of work. Also, I think getting your work online is important these days… if you want people to notice you, you have to get creative.


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Laura E. Sanchez-Gonzalez said...

It is so nice when there some self thought artist that really talented, that is extremely admirable.