Monday, April 5, 2010

The Harlot's Progress - Yorkshire Molly by Peter Motley

When Molly Huckerby leaves her Yorkshire home for London eager to start an exciting new life as the wife of her wealthy cousin Tom, she has no idea the troubles that will befall her or how much her life will deteriorate.

When her coach arrives at its first stop in London, she is tricked into believing she has arrived at an Inn. Instead, it is a notorious brothel called The Bell. Mother Wickham, the brothel owner, has her seduced by a notorious and cruel man named The Colonel.

With her innocence lost and her reputation tarnished beyond repair, her cousin Tom repudiates her, she must accept this new life as a harlot in order to survive. Her hopes and dreams shattered, Molly is soon faced with one bit of trouble after another and her life is constantly in danger. Through the heroine, stalwart Molly, and a cast of colorful characters, the reader is irrevocably drawn into this fascinating story about the dangerous and lewd life of a prostitute.

Playwright and author, the late Peter Motley, based this story on the 1732 series of etchings entitled “A Harlot’s Progress” by William Hogarth. This novel is the first of a trilogy.

This novel is breathtaking in its historical detail and accuracy. The prose is magnificent and the story compelling with numerous twists and turns. The plot is ever evolving, immersing the reader into a vivid, believable tale. The author delves deep into the psyche of prostitutes, bringing to life the rich details and inner thoughts of prostitutes in 18th century England. This is definitely one to add to your book shelves.
The book is available from at a normal price. is charging much higher.  The publisher is attempting to rectify this.  So for now, it may be best to order the book directly from the U.K.



zquilts said...

I've wanted to read this book for some time - but it's too expensive to buy for me. I cannot even find it through InterLibrary Loan - which really surprises me. Anyone have any other ideas of where to look ?

Leslie Carroll said...

I adored this book; though I'm a historical writer juggling multiple deadlines, I found I could not put it down! And I look forward to the other 2 books in the trilogy.

Kilian said...

I'd love to read this book, but nearly $40??? Way out of my reach. Not available on Kindle, either. Bum, bum.