Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Tide of War by Seth Hunter

‘The Tide of War’ is the second book of a historical adventure series by Seth Hunter. It is 1794, and Captain Nathan Peake is promoted to post captain of a ship of the line. His first assignment has him hunt down the best frigate of the French fleet, which threatens to interfere with American and British interests in the Gulf of Mexico.

The British admiralty assigns Nathan with a challenging task. He is to succeed the murdered captain of the Unicorn and to sink the French frigate Virginie, which is on a secret mission to spread rebellion from the Antilles to New Orleans. Nathan travels to the Caribbean with American agent Gilbert Imlay at his side. Gilbert is a shady figure who may serve more than one master. On board of the Unicorn, Nathan learns not only about her secrets and mysteries, but also that her disgruntled crew is in no way fit for battle. He has to grow quickly into a post captain’s shoes as there are not only hurricanes and witch curses to be dealt with, but also intrigues and betrayal.

Seth Hunter managed to write a middle book of a series of three that keeps the reader turning the pages. He paints a colorful picture of location and people. The hero is allowed to have flaws and weaknesses. Cleverly told, the story flows with its twists and turns, and the added grains of humor make the read even more delightful. Even the book’s nautical aspects are delivered enjoyably for landlubbers like me. The book feels authentic and realistic, and can be understood without having read the first one of the series, ‘The Tide of Terror’. I recommend ‘The Tide of War’ to readers who enjoy historical adventures.

'Really engaging, Seth Hunter has a more natural storyteller's eye than O'Brian... well wrought and deftly told' - Daily Telegraph
'A compelling read, imaginative, knowledgeable, fast-movin...full of twists and turns' - Naval Review

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