Monday, May 31, 2010

Contest - Book Giveaway - Watermark by Vanitha Sankaran

We are very excited and proud to feature Vanitha Sankaran and her novel, Watermark, all this week. 

Vanitha is giving away a copy of Watermark to the person who best answers the following questions and leaves their email address:

1.  Describe 2 jobs Vanitha has done in her life.

2.  Name the two essays found on her website.

3.  Tell Vanitha why you deserve to win a copy of this book. 

Vanitha will judge your answers and announce a winner on Friday.

Good Luck!


buddyt said...

I don't know if the giveaway is open worldwide but in hopes that it is, I shall give it a try anyway.


Solder on rocket payloads ? Tell me more. That sounds so weird when put blandly thatit really piques my curiosity.

Assist abused animals. You rock girl! I hope you are still into that as I agree 100% with you.


The Story Behind The Book

The History of Papermaking


I am not a vain person so saying why I deserve the book is not easy for me. I will just be flippant and say because I am the first to comment.


Carol T

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

Soft Fuzzy Sweater said...

"The Story Behind The Book" and
"The History of Papermaking"

Ms. Sankaran was previously a french teacher and a biomedical scientist.

I don't "deserve" to win this book I just want to win it. First, it is an excellent topic about something we take for granted (like printing, which changed the world);

Second, I am mad for historical fiction, the ability to take facts and conjecture a WHY and WHAT IF to it. I have a vast collection of notable novels.

Third, I read the reviews and they were excellent. The novel seems to be the "sleeper" of the summer!
Please give me a copy!


Pricilla said...

Two jobs that Vanitha has had:

1. teach French
2. volunteer with both abused women and abused animals


The Story Behind the Book
The History of Papermaking

Why I should win the book:

I love to read and historical fiction is my favored genre. This book fascinates me in particular because my husband gave me a papermaking kit for Christmas one year - it is not easy to do! I love to write letters and I use a fountain pen. I guess I am old fashioned. He thought I would enjoy making my own paper. I did - but what a mess!

I also find the whole period of the Inquisition to be one of the most horrifying periods in history. Intolerance bred by a power hungry church refusing to let go for fear of losing both the power it held and the money that power brought.

kaiminani at gmail dot com

Ian said...


Vanitha has taught French (bonjour, Vanitha!) and worked for a nonprofit healthcare organization.


The Story Behind the Book and The History of Papermaking.


I went to high school with Vanitha, and she was the only one cool enough to read Watchmen at the same time I did. I only wish I'd known about it then, because we'd have had so much to talk about! Also, she guest-blogged for me! Also also, because I want a signed copy BEFORE the reunion next month. :)

ian AT ianthealy DOT com

Kitty said...

Essays: The Story Behind The Book
and The History of Papermaking

She was once a French Teacher.

I don't deserve to win any more than others, but I would love to read this book.
maynekitty [at] live [dot] com