Friday, May 21, 2010

Contest Winner - The Pendant by Mirella Patzer

The contest is now officially closed!
A big thank you to everyone who stopped by to read and learn more about me and my novel. Contests like this are never easy to judge. There can only be one official winner, so my heartfelt congratulations go out to Dara.

But you're all winners. Everyone who took the time to enter will win a free PDF of the book.

I'll be contacting each of you shortly.

If you are "SHE", please leave a comment on this blog with an email address for me to contact you.

A big thank you to Helena Gowan who so kindly read and reviewed my book and hosted me!  

I hope you all enjoy the book. And if you like it, I would be honored if you would tell two friends about it!

Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend. 

Warm Regards
Mirella Patzer


Dara said...

I just sent the email to you with my address :)

Thanks!! This made my day!

Victoria Dixon said...

Congratulations, Dara! ;D