Monday, May 17, 2010

The Pendant Contest!

This week we will feature Mirella Patzer and her book "The Pendant". You will have a chance to win a copy of the book. 

In order to win, answer those three questions below. Post them as a comment under any of this week's blog articles. Have fun exploring Mirella's website : 

Mirella's website

In which country does Mirella live?
What book or history related blog does Mirella feature?
What was the title of her first short story?
Tell us why you want to read Mirella's book!

I hope you enjoy this week's author and her book as much as I did!

Helena Gowan


Ginger Simpson said...

I've had the privilege of reading a pre-pubbed version of Mirella's work via a shared critique group, and I can honestly say, she writes with heart and style. The lucky winner of this book is definitely in for an entertaining read. I guess I need to go enter the contest, too. :) I need a Mirella Fix!

Margaret West said...

I never usally enters compo's but I'll give this one a whirl as ginger recommends Mirella so highly.

She said...

I'm going to enter your contest.

1. Mirella is from Canada. Born in Edmonton but raised in Calgary, Alberta.

2. 2 history blogs are featured in her blog section: Historical Novel Review and History & Women. She also likes the blog Recipes Most Wanted (good bet it's not a history blog ;))

3. Her first short story was The Holy Lance based on her family history from WWII in Italy.

4. Why I would like the book--I love medieval history. I had a fantastic medieval professor in college. He reminded me of a viking and he could tell stories of how people lived during that time. So much that happened then is still effecting our lives. Really cool period of time.

Barb said...

1. Mirella was born in Edmonton and grew up in Calgary, Canada

2. Her first short story was: The Holy Lance"

3. The blogs that she features are: The Historical Novel Review and History and Women

bstilwell12 at comcast dot net

Barb said...

I forgot to do the last question. I am a history buff and love to read about events that happen at any period in history. To have a story so close to home makes it feel like it might have happened here in my part of the US. Also my great great grandparents came through Canada to get to MN so her book brings a personal link to her story.

bstil1well12 at comcast dot net

Pricilla said...

Thank you for another great giveaway!
Mirella lives in Canada.

Mirella features:
Historical Novel Review

History and Women

Her first short story was:The Holy Lance.

I would like to read the book because I love historical fiction in general. Italy is a rich country for romance to be sure and the plot sounds very intriguing!
Thank you
kaiminani at gmail dot com

buddyt said...

If the giveaway is open worldwide please enter me.


1. Canada
2. Historical Novel Review & History & Women

3. The Holy Lance

4. Iam a fan of historicals and like to try new authors in that genre.

Carol T

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

Karen Lee Davis said...

What a treat!
1. Mirella was born in Canada (and her current email address ends in "ca").
2. She is featured in "Historical Novel Review" & "History & Women."
3. Her first short story was "The Holy Lance."
4. I would like to have a (signed I hope?) copy of Mirella's book because I was fortunate enough to read parts of her new novel on the life of Mathilde of Ringleheim in an online critique group, and came to adore her work!

Dara said...

1. Born and still lives in Canada.

2. Historical Novel Review and History and Women.

3. The Holy Lance was her first short story.

4. Because I LOVE history. And I don't know much about medieval Italy and would love to immerse myself in that world and in this story. :)

WallyR said...

Hi Mirella;

Congratulations on the publication of another novel. I see that it is available as a Kindle book too. If I don't win the print version here I'll have to order the eBook.

My answers to the questions are:

In which country does Mirella live? Canada

What book or history related blog does Mirella feature? Historical Novel Review and several related to history and women and even one on how to bake the best cookies (no doubt to munch on while writing)

What was the title of her first short story? The Holy Lance

Tell us why you want to read Mirella's book! Not only that I love reading HF, but having critiqued a few chapters in her Group, I'm keen to see the final product.

All the best, Mirella,


Tea said...

1.Mirella lives in Calgary, Canada.

2.She has another blog named HISTORY AND WOMEN

3.First short story The Holy Lance

4.I want to read The Pendant because I love Italian romance mixed with dark Gothic happenings, I love to read novels that have a theme set around a piece of jewelry.