Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Under Heaven

To Honor his deceased father, a general who led imperial forces in their last great war, Shen Tai has spent two years alone at a battle site by a mountain lake, burying the dead. At night he can hear the ghosts moan and stir. When a voice falls silent he knows that a ghost has been laid to rest.

One morning he learns that his vigil has been noticed at the highest level: the court of their one-time enemy is pleased to bestow on him two hundred and fifty coveted western horses. The Heavenly Horses are an overwhelming gift. They exalt Tai, and could bring him great power─or have him killed before he ever leaves the mountains, let alone reaches the imperial city.

"Entrancing." ─Publishers Weekly
"Profound." ─Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
"Brilliant." ─Locus
"Classic." ─Science Fiction Weekly

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