Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Diamond Ruby by Joseph Wallace

Diamond Ruby Book Trailer

Diamond Ruby by Joseph Wallce is slated to become this summer’s runaway hit!

It is the heart-wrenching tale of a young girl in early 20th century New York who experiences a brief but profound bout of happiness while sitting with her family at a baseball game at Ebbets Field while watching Brooklyn play the Yankees. When Casey Stengel strikes a foul ball, she catches it and her great love of baseball is born.

But the joy and peace she experienced that day was not to last.  Soon, her entire family succumbs to the Spanish Influenza epidemic sweeping the city. A child herself, she is left to raise her two very young nieces. Forced to forage for food to survive, Ruby becomes adept at killing squirrels and pigeons to feed themselves. Living on the streets makes her shrewd, fearless, and audacious. Her long arms give her a strong throw and she soon learns that she can pitch a baseball with accuracy and greater force than most professional pitchers. Not only does her talent attract the attention of an array of friends from Babe Ruth and Jack Dempsey, it also draws gangsters, rum runners, and discreditable carnival operators who are all set to exploit her talent for their own benefit. What results is a page turning, gripping tale of wit, corruption, and ultimate survival that is unputdownable!

Based on true historical events, Diamond Ruby is an unforgettable character that both men and women will readily identify with. She is a young woman who struggles and overcomes insurmountable adversity. No sooner does she escape one evil wrongdoer, when another one appears or returns to threaten her and her nieces. And this is what keeps the reader enthralled to the very last page.  

Filled with heart-wrenching conflict, Joseph Wallace has penned a fantastic debut novel. An aficionado of baseball history, he has credibly recreated New York’s exciting 1920’s complete with all its famous personages and major news occurrences. The writing is unencumbered and invisible, allowing the reader to immerse themselves fully into the story. It is an endearing tale of an inspiring young woman who battles her way through a man’s world and wins. If there is one book you plan on buying this summer – then this must be it! It is sure to please.

Interview with the Author


Marg said...

I passed on this one when offered a review copy because I really do not know enough about baseball to appreciate some of the details, but it does look very good.

Anonymous said...

Although the book revolves around baseball, you don't really have to know anything about the game or it's history to enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I agree, baseball is just the device Ruby uses to support an unwavering devotion to her family. If you know what a pitcher is, you know enough about baseball. The story is really about this wonderfully brave and tenacious teenaged girl. The historical detail becomes a living backdrop. You'll feel like you lived in the 1920s when you finish the book, you'll know the time that well. I recommend it to anyone, male/female, young/old, sports enthusiast or not.