Friday, June 11, 2010

The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England by Ian Mortimer

When we plan vacations, we seek brochures and books on our desired destinations.  Well, imagine planning a trip to England, that is medieval England in the 14th century.  This is the book to buy.

Ask any author of historical fiction and they will tell you they've done months, even years of research.  In this fascinating book, Ian Mortimer has done all the work.  One needs only to sit back and thumb through all the fabulous pages of intricate details and enjoy, for the author has done the research for us. 

Although specific to medieval England, readers can draw parallels to other European countries through these descriptions.  A definite asset.

From personal hygiene to waste disposal.  From love and marriage to politics.  Clothing, travel, food, entertainment, societal laws and norms, contents of homes, health, aristrocracy and much, much more is discussed in great, lush detail.  A veritable feast for those yearning to understand life in a far away era.

Ian Mortimer, our tour guide, is a veritable expert in his field.  As a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a winner of the Alexander Prize in 2004 for his work on the social history of medicine, he is a well-trusted, well-versed resource.

The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England is a must read and a novel that should sit upon the book shelves of every medievalist and author.  The book is welll laid out, never boring, and integral to understanding how life truly was back then.

Bravo Mr. Mortimer.  Hat's off to you for penning a most intriguing, enjoyable novel.



A Vintage Chic said...

Thanks for introducing this book, Mirella! I love things like this, and will definitely order it!

Hope you're having a wonderful day!


Writer said...

Oh, this looks great. I'm going to have to get this one!
Thanks for the info on this.

Carmen said...

I love Medieval England, Victorian England... I love England's History. I think I will read the book this summer. Thank you for introducing it! Another follower in your list...
If you have free time, and you speak Spanish, you can have a look at my blog
Have a nice day!