Thursday, July 29, 2010

Love on a Dime by Cara Lynn James

In 1899 Rhoe Island, Lillian Westbrook, has a secret that will scandalize society if found out – she writes dime novels under the nom de plume of Fannie Cole. But, she doesn't write just any dime novels. Hers are extremely popular for their riveting plots and morally inspiring undertones. The books are top-sellers and she earns good money, not only for publishing house, but for herself which she donates to a women's charity.

Just as she is about to announce her engagement to the son of a wealthy tycoon, Jackson Grail, her brother's friend and former love, arrives to spend the summer with her family in Newport, Rhode Island. Lillian's world is thrown into turmoil because she learns he is the new owner of the publishing house that publishes her books and that he is still in love with her. Lillian walks a fine line in trying to keep him from learning the identity of his most lucrative author. His search for the real Fannie Cole intensifies when Lillian falls into a blackmail scheme initiated by the owner of the gossip magazine/newspaper Talk of the Town.

Love on a Dime is an easy-going, tender Christian romance novel set in the gilded age of America's high society. At the heart of the story is an endearing heroine who with a quiet strength and high moral values who finds herself trapped between being a dutiful daughter and maintaining her family's social and financial status or and indulging her true passions and finding true love.

Love on a Dime is Cara Lynn James' debut novel. Although Love on a Dime is considered a Christian novel, it is very light in this aspect and will appeal to a greater audience outside of Christian readers. With its beautiful cover and simple, uncomplicated prose, this novel makes for an easy summer read.

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