Monday, August 2, 2010

The Price of Glory by Seth Hunter

I am delighted to introduce you to The Price of Glory by Seth Hunter. It is the third and last book of the series, which features Nathan Peake, the young English Captain with American roots. The previous titles were The Time of Terror and The Tide of War.

Captain Nathan Peake commands the Unicorn, a frigate of the Royal Navy. He is sent to intervene in France’s revolutionary war by his Navy command. England's engagement is based on loyalty to the French king; however, Nathan will find out that the struggle for the leadership in France is in truth one about power and money.

Besides all duty, Nathan secretly looks for his love Sara who was swept away by the surge of the revolution. England's plan to support the French royalists comes handy for the young, determined Captain. Sadly, his first assignment fails, and he must fear consequences. Instead, he is sent on a secret mission to Paris, right into the heart of the revolution. Soon, he is entangled in the web of foul intrigues, brute forces, and licentious indulgence. Unintentionally, he sets Napoleon Bonaparte on his way. Having redeemed himself in London, he is allowed to return to the command of the Unicorn. He joins Captain Nelson's fleet which rushes to thwart Napoleon's plans to invade Genoa. Only now, Nathan finds an opportunity to slip away to visit a secret meeting place to see whether Sara is still alive. At the end of his quest, he'll find help from an unlikely place.

Author Seth Hunter
Once again, Seth Hunter manages to weave an action filled tale into the fabric of historical events of revolutionary France. The inclined reader is introduced to celebrities of English and French history alike. As the tension rises, there is a touch of humor, a certain laissez-faire in the tale that provides relief. Captain Nathan is a likable man, who does not always succeed. Not Mr Perfect at all and maybe that makes him so real. The language is easy to read but not simple, naval idioms are cut to an easy-to- understand level, and the frequent change of scenery provides enough opportunity to add atmosphere.

The series will appeal to adventure loving readers, but will disappoint the romance lover. If you enjoy adventures written from a male perspective, and maybe are interested in that time frame (1795) then you will find The Price of Glory to be a very enjoyable read.

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