Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wounded Spirits by April Gardner

Amid the ruggedness of frontier America, Adela McGirth and her family struggle to carve a new life for themselves. When a handsome young military officer declares his love for her and intention to marry her, Adela hesitates. She is unsure whether she loves him enough to marry him.

Life on the American frontier is fraught with discord. Soon, a dispute between the natives and the settlers surfaces and explodes into a raid on the fort where Adela and her family have sought safety. The slaughter results in the deaths of hundreds. Away at the time, Zachariah McGirth, Adela’s father is unaware of fate that befalls his family. His wife, Adela and one sister survive and are taken as captives, while Elizabeth is slaughtered. Zachariah vows to revenge their deaths.  Adela soon learns what is important in life. 

Totka is a peaceful Creek warrior caught between his friendship with the Whites and the hate of the Red Stick for the white man. He finds himself reluctantly in charge of the McGirths.

Wounded Spirits is a Christian novel of early America. It starts slowly, but the plot becomes riveting during the raid, which was brilliantly written and described. It is an enjoyable read that explores the faith of one family to endure despite the impossible hardships they find themselves embroiled in.

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