Thursday, September 9, 2010

An Unforgettable Journey Through Italy and Life by Federico G. Martini

An Unforgettable Journey Through Italy and Life by Federico G. Martini

For anyone trapped in the rat race of a big city who juggles career, family, and the pressures of life, this novel will certainly strike a chord.

In this fascinating contemporary story, Davide is a manager in a factory, and one day, while trapped in a traffic jam on Milano’s ring road, he suffers a panic attack. Plagued by anxiety and exhausted by the demands of a stressful career, on an impulse, he decides to leave his work and family and wander through Italy in search of healing. Without clear direction, he throws caution to the wind, and embarks on a journey of discovery through small towns, major tourist centres, and visiting historical locations. Along the way, he meets many colourful characters who touch his life in a myriad of ways, teaching him to focus on the richness of life.  With each encounter, he learns the meaning of simplicity and tranquillity, and his spirit slowly begins to heal.

This tiny novel is vivid with descriptions of Italy and the Italian lifestyle. As I read along, it felt as if I was being taken on a grand tour of Italy visiting Florence and Venice and the many quaint towns and villages along the way. The novel describes the beauty of the Italian countryside and the splendour of its cuisine. Davide sweeps us along a fabulous voyage from the north to the southernmost regions of the Italian countryside. Through its poignant prose, I could not help but feel Davide’s pain and yearning for a better life.

Federico G. Martini is an award winning Italian novelist. For further information on Federico and his books, I encourage you to visit

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