Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Deep Creek by Dana Hand

The time is 1887. The place is Deep Creek, along the banks of the Snake River (Idaho and Oregon's natural boundary line).

A murder mystery ensues, set in the West when moneyed men and women (and countries) plot and play politics in their strategic game of power and greed.

What goes around, comes around. Eventually. From this side of reality and beyond.

A Judge, a Company investigator, and a Metis tracker band together to solve the mass murder of more than 30 Chinese gold miners. Secrets abound from all sides. Who is telling the truth?

Based on real events during the fading Gold Rush days of America's West. Relive the last days of the fated mining camp, the personal struggles of the investigating party, and the choices to be made that will eventually change the course of everyone's life!

A great look into a window of time past, of the reality and harshness of prairie life, for foreigners and American-born alike. Well written, with twists and turns that hold the reader's interest far beyond the last pages of the story.

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