Thursday, September 9, 2010

Magician's Spell by Debra Denson

In early 19th century Europe, Lady Johanna Cornehl is an Admiral’s daughter who boards the Magician’s Spell, a ship under the command of Captain Harold Monroe who was dishonorably discharged from the navy by her father. This sets the tone for much tension by a colorful cast of characters throughout this romantic sea yarn.

Magician’s Spell is Debra Denson’s first novel. It is an easy read with a compelling story line. The main characters struggle against adversity and enmity in the form of those who conspire to keep them apart. At times, I found the main character, Johanna, to be a feisty heroine who sometimes came across a little spoiled, but who slowly improved as the romance between her and Harold bloomed. The villain, a ruthless shipping mogul is well drawn and adds good overall tension to the tale. Like many first novels by debut authors, Magician’s Spell does have some minor flaws, which is expected, but it has a compelling storyline and the climax was well written with a captivating, satisfying conclusion. A sequel, His Apprentice is scheduled for release in the next several months.

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