Thursday, January 13, 2011

Springtime of the Spirit

Historical by Maureen Lang
Reviewed by Ginger Simpson

Following the first book in the Great War Series, Whisper of the Wind, Springtime of the Spirit continues the story of postwar Germany in 1918.  After reading the first book of the series, I was honored when the publisher offered to send me this book for review.  Due out in March 2011, this story is bound to pique the interest of historical buffs if only because it’s written by an award winning author with a demonstrated knack for reeling in her readers.

Major Christophe Brecht returns to his homeland only to find it devastated and bearing no resemblance to the Germany he remembers.  His fight in France seems to have been futile, and the Kaiser isn’t very popular with the troops. Losing a war they were assured they would win has only brought countless deaths and scorn from the rest of the world.

Annaliese Duray, an outspoken, brave young woman flees her home and family to launch her own battle in Munich.  Recovery and escape from the violence dictated by Communistic viewpoints is essential, but she’s in danger from the army sent from Berlin to stop anyone speaking out against the Kaiser.  When Christophe finds her, she’s a far cry from the girl he remembers.  Can two people with different ideas on restoration and peace see a solution when they’ve seen the war from two vastly different perspectives?  Can love still prevail?

Again, Maureen Lang reeled me in to an era I previously avoided.  The romance is secondary to the message conveyed by this powerful novel.  To coin part of a quote from Publisher’s Weekly…”an exciting framework of war, secrets and blissful reunions,”  sums up the story well.  I have no doubt anyone who reads this book won’t be disappointed. Ms. Lang has written another award-winner.

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