Friday, March 18, 2011

The Shrouded Path by Aron White

Shrouded Path (The Doorway Cycle)Jun Quan is a boy who dreams of fighting the injustices of the world. After his beloved father abandons him at a temple and Jun learns Kung Fu, he’s prepared to fight, but he’s torn between the desire to protect others and finding his father.

When Jun returns to his father’s home town in search of information, he finds trouble instead. Jun saves a young boy whose grateful parent allows Jun to stay at their home and finds Jun a job in town. Again and again, Jun is called upon to protect others from predatory guards until he becomes a vigilante.

Leaping from roof to roof in scenes reminiscent of “Batman” as much as “Crouching Tiger,” Jun is soon joined by an old friend and the two join forces against the regional governor, Xiong Ba, whose greed and corruption forced Jun’s father to leave years before.

This book touches on the difference between vengeance and justice, with realistic descriptions of kung fu (NOT Hollywood spinning kicks) and kung fu training that young boys will enjoy. Shrouded Path is a YA approach to Wuxia, a genre where a lone warrior or a team of warriors do battle with evil villains.

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