Friday, April 29, 2011

The Comet by Miriam Newman


An ambitious young Norman knight, Neel, is seriously wounded at the Battle of Hastings and nursed back to health by a Saxon girl, Rowena. For her, it is only a matter of Christian duty and she is shocked to receive his proposal of marriage in return. She dares not refuse, but how can she love a Norman?

The Comet by Miriam Newman is a wonderful historical romance that takes the reader into 11th century England. What I enjoyed most is that it is realistic and well written with greater emphasis on a good story line rather than simply romance. It is this, which gives the novel a greater appeal. I very much enjoyed the plot and dialogue. The characters were complex and evolved beautifully. Each page was believable and plausible, rich in historic detail. It accurately portrayed the discord between the Normans, Welsh, and English.

The interplay between the heroine and hero definitely evokes much emotion -sometimes humorous, sometimes passionate. Each of them face hard choices and suffer loss as they come to realize their love for each other. Highly entertaining, this is a quality romance which will not disappoint.


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