Friday, April 29, 2011

The Map of Time by Felix J. Palma

"The Map of Time" by Felix J. Palma is a novel set in the Victorian era that crosses into several different genres. It can be considered historical fiction, a thriller, a mystery, fantasy, time travel, science fiction, and a vast array of other sub-genres. This is one reason why the book appeals to a vast audience of readers.

The story is darn good. It is no wonder it has become an international bestseller. Told by an omniscient narrator, it hooks the reader immediately with a character who plans a suicide. Thereafter, each page of this complexly rich book keeps the reader riveted with its cast of colourful characters – both imaginary and real – including Jack the Ripper, Bram Stoker, Joseph Merrick (the elephant man), Jules Verne, and others. Numerous plot twists, heart-wrenching loss, and a travel into the past and present, keeps the reader guessing and holds their interest to the very last page. It makes the reader think about what might happen if one could change the past and how that would affect the present and the future.

It is no surprise that in 2008, the novel won the Ateneo de Sevilla Novela Prize. The book has so much to offer – part mystery, part romance, part fantasy, and full of creativity and adventure, this novel is sure to please. But you’ll have to wait until June 2011 for its release. It’s available for pre-order now. Get it! Get it now!

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