Monday, May 23, 2011

Edward by Mike Voyce

Edward is a bombshell; for the nature of Destiny and Fate, and the truth about Tudor history. Here are the Holy Grail, the Sword and Druid Glass; amongst love and death, in the midst of real danger. The author lifts the veil on a history more than five hundred years old, and the emotions he finds within himself. It isn't just what lies under History; the question is, what to do with magic and reincarnation?

I found this book intriguing. It is not a simple read and it will make you ask some questions about what you believe in regards to Tudor history, religious history and thought channelling.

I never believed Richard II killed his nephews and have never had a ‘love’ of the Tudors, so what the author ‘saw’ in his channelling is quiet credible to me, but then I believe in reincarnation, so I might have a bias there, too.
What I don’t believe is the story of the Holy Grail, or for that matter most religious ‘truths’. I’m not religious at all, but that’s not for me to talk about here. I feel the author, as Edward, did see such episodes in regards to The Holy Grail, and that is believable because the people of those times believed deeply in the religious stories. So for Edward to believe he had special stones, a special sword, etc, is highly likely true. But as a modern person I don’t.
The story is in two parts – the author in his modern life, and the (past) when he channels Edward. Both parts of this story are very interesting. The story flows smoothly between the two, and there are only a few small areas where the merge of modern and historical don’t work well for me and I had to double back and see where the change happened. When we’re deep in Edward’s time I was hooked and enjoyed it thoroughly.
Mike Voyce can write a story rather well and his story is well worth the effort it took him to get it written and published. If you enjoy historical fiction, you’ll like this book, and if you are in any way curious about reincarnation and channelling then again, this a book for you.

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