Monday, July 11, 2011

Green Skies by Andrew Oberg and Eric Uhlich

This is the story of Bjorn Thorsson and it is a grim tale and a sad one.

For the sake of their community's continued survival, Bjorn and his friends, Thorfinn and Oskar capture a live polar bear to trade with the Norwegian King for wood and iron ore. The middleman in this trade is the Bishop of Greenland, who doesn't consider the needs of his people, but only the beauty of his church. He accepts stained glass windows in trade instead. The community slides into cold starvation from the long, fuel-less winter. The story lies in how Bjorn meets his future.

I've read many comics over the years and while there have been some that wowed me on a higher critical scale (higher production values, tighter writing, etc.), I can't recall the last comic that brought me to tears.  Marvel, D.C., Dark Horse, eat your hearts out. You missed this one. Green Skies has some redundancies and pacing issues and the ending isn't entirely clear, but there's beauty and pathos here in spades and it's well worth your while. 

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