Monday, November 28, 2011

Culloden Spirit by Anita Davison

A fabulous Victorian era Paranormal Romance


Carrie Gordon's season in her native York was an unqualified success, until the young man who paid her so much attention married someone else.

When her family takes a summer trip to her father’s ancestral home in the Scottish Highlands, her handsome Scottish cousin, Duncan McRae, takes an immediate dislike to Carrie, mainly due to her father’s plans to refurbish Cair Innes castle which is in need of extensive repair beyond the means of its present owner and resident, Iain McRae.

Carrie feels the vacation will be a disaster until she discovers a strange young man while exploring the derelict castle, However, she soon learns Ruairi McRae is not what he seems, and the battle he intends to fight was lost by his clan a hundred and fifty years before.

Will Carrie be able to accept that she cannot be part of Ruairi’s world? And when the Roma arrive to camp on Bucks Meadow as they do every summer, who is the beautiful gypsy girl Duncan won't talk about?


I always enjoy Anita Davison’s novels, and I was eager to read Culloden Spirit, her latest release. I love a good Scottish historical novel, and this one promised to be a good one. It certainly did not disappoint.

Culloden Spirit is a Victorian paranormal romance about a young American woman, Carrie Gordon who travels to her ancestral home in Scotland, which is in desperate need of repair. Surrounded by the highlands, Carrie encounters her dashing cousin, Duncan McRae, and an endearing young man named Ruari. These two love interests form the basis of the story. As she slowly gets to know each of these fascinating men, historical secrets about her ancestors and the castle itself are slowly and very tantalizingly revealed.

If you’ve never read one of Anita Davison’s books, I encourage you to pick one up. She is a talented writer who paints vivid pictures of landscapes, clothing, and the social norms of the era. Her scenes are sprinkled with realistic character nuances that makes them real, as if they can leap off the page. Her strong writing skills and knowledge of the Victorian era lends realism to the tale, especially with the addition of an underlying paranormal element. With her lyrical prose, she stirs a reader’s emotion. A subplot of a mysterious Roma family living in the castle’s shadows added interest and variety. Intrigue, mystery, a strong romance, and a shocking surprise ending makes this novel a must read! Two thumbs up!


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