Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Blighted Troth in the Top Ten!

Christmas is a time that is full of surprises, and today I certainly received a wonderful and unexpected gift.

One of my favourite blogs is Unabridged Chick, a site owned by a fabulously enthusiastic lady named Audra who reads and reviews books at a voracious pace. I have bought many a book on her recommendation and have never been disappointed based on her honest opinions.

I subscribe via email to her blog and today as I was going through my email, I read her latest post. She posted her top ten favourite books for 2011 and I read her list eagerly. To my utter surprise, The Blighted Troth was on that list, ranked among authors like Stephen Kinga and Thomas Hardy and the other bestsellers Audra enjoyed reading last year.

I am so very honoured and proud to be on such a prestigious list. And thrilled too!

You can read the entire list and check out each book at: 

Thank you Audra for the best Christmas present an author can receive.


1 comment:

Audra said...

My pleasure!! Thank you for giving me a shout out -- I appreciate it. Writing my blurb about The Blighted Troth makes me want to read it again -- so it's going on vacation with me next week! :)

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