Monday, February 27, 2012

Makeda by Prue Sobers

A novel inspired by a medieval text and its ancient tale of sexual conquest by Australian best-selling author, Prue Sobers. 

A woman stands in a hooded cloak, feet drenched and muddied, at the entrance of the great hall as thunder reverberates through the palace walls. In the gloom he cannot see her clearly. It is before the Common Era, the year 961. He is Solomon the Wise, thwarted by protocol, impatient for his work. She is the beautiful and spirited Makeda, Queen of Sheba and all Ethiopia who has risked life and limb in a bid to talk trade. Against a glittering backdrop of pomp and opulence, and the shadows of slavery and the politics of the times, as strangers, they embark on an uncharted course.

She is not what he expects and takes him by surprise. He is everything she has heard. Behind the closed doors of privilege and power, both are about to face more than they bargain for.

Brimming with imagery, taut with intrigue, Makeda is a light with incident and glamour. In her compelling novel of obsession and self-discovery, Prue Sobers brings to life two of the world’s most illustrious icons, rendering them enthralling in all their dazzling otherness, yet as human and palpable as legends of our day. Feisty and engaging, the novel takes the reader into the minds of its characters, foiling all the energy of sovereignty and might with the exquisite eroticism of attraction and desire. Emotionally rich and evocative, this bitter-sweet story of moral dilemma, grand passions and sacrifice will tug whimsically on the strings long after it is read.

From its beautiful front cover and lovely prose within its pages, the novel Makeda definitely drew me in and swept me back into ancient history. It is the heated love story between King Solomon and Makeda, Queen of Sheba, both powerful, wealthy leaders in their own lands.

Within its pages, author, Prue Sobers, deftly tackles powerful subjects such as slavery and oppression by weaving Makeda’s life story and detailing the splendid romance that unfolds between her and Solomon. The author writes with great skill, gentle clarity, and avid enough descriptions to truly give readers a strong sense of the era.

I enjoyed Makeda’s talent to verbally spar with Solomon, impressing instead of offending, fascinating instead of angering. She was a woman of great resilience, courageous enough to speak her mind and unafraid to act on her moral ethics. Makeda is a true heroine, one who has transcends time, whereby her dignity and brilliance fascinates to this day. A wonderful biographical historical novel!


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