Friday, March 23, 2012

Echoes of Distant Thunder by Frank Slaughter

 Reviewed by Ginger Simpson

As someone who is a steadfast historical reader, I got a realistic dose from Echoes of Distant Thunder.  Most of the books I read are interspersed with romance and contain  historical facts peppered throughout.  This book is a prime example of dedicated research to a specific period that draws the reader in and puts them right in the middle of that era--in this case, the Civil War.

Will Castor, a farm boy from Michigan, finds himself in the middle of a violent time in history, fighting on the side of the north. The blood and gore are aptly depicted in the awesome job Mr. Slaughter does of SHOWING his readers the story.  

Through friendship and shared understanding with a Confederate deserter, an injured Will returns to his home, but there is no end to the nightmares he endures and the guilt over deaths he witnessed--even that of his best friend.  This was perhaps one of the most 'moving' novels I've read.  I can't imagine anyone who won't be moved by the raw emotions of Will's experiences as he seeks an escape to the horror that has become his life. 
 The reality of the battle brings to mind what our forefathers went through, and what following centuries of men and women who defended our nation have experienced.  I have a much better understanding of post-traumatic stress after reading this book.  The author sought to deliver a powerful message and he succeeded.

Were there some writing issues that jumped out at me since I read with an editorial eye?  Yes, but the story was so much more powerful than any minor faux pas.  As another reviewer suggested, if you're looking for a more "filtered" version of history, then this novel isn't for you.  It's real, it's powerful, and it's unforgettable.  Kudos to Mr. Slaughter.

This book is available on Amazon in both print and download.

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