Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gallagher's Pride by MK McClintock

Reviewed by Ginger Simpson

After the passing of her parents, Scottish lass, Brenna Cameron comes to America looking for family she didn't know she had until she read an old letter her parents kept hidden. Her arrival in Montana is met with a show of violence that is the old west, but definitely made better the moment handsome Ethan Gallagher steps in to rescue her.  Appearing to be a gentle-giant of sorts, he insists there is no place in town suitable for a lady to stay, so she travels with him to his ranch where she meets and becomes quite comfortable with his siblings and their cook.

Ethan Gallagher has already been burned once by a woman, so it's no wonder that he tries to push aside his attraction to the beautiful red-head who graces his home.  He intends to help her find what she came for, and that's it, but his heart has other plans.

Brenna's maternal grandfather is a mean-spirited man, despised by most of his neighbors, but there's a secret shrouding him and she's bound to discover what it is.  Ethan, refuses to expose her to the dangers of the land, so the journey they take together to uncover her family mystery draws them closer to the truth and to one another.

Gallagher's Pride provides an entertaining look at finding love in the most unlikely of situations. There were a few moments that I didn't find totally believable, but this is fiction after all.  I did find myself lusting after Ethan, and that's no lie.  (smile)

The author's flare for description makes the scenery come alive, but I would have appreciated knowing from the beginning, the era in which the book started.  I felt a little lost until I dove into the story and read a little further.  The mutual attraction between the hero and heroine was clearly evident as was the conflict that kept them apart. I easily connected with even the secondary characters as each have their own unique personalities, and I thought the pacing was well-handled.  Were there some editorial changes I would have recommended?  Yes, but the story stood on it's own merit and although I wasn't thrilled with the ending, I'll pretty much bet I'll be looking for the next book in this series to tie up what I consider loose ends. I appreciate the opportunity to read and review MK McClintock's work, and I do look forward to more from her.

Gallagher's Pride is available on Amazon and featured at Goodreads.

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