Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pigsong - A short story by Frank Delaney

"Once upon a time and long ago, when snow tasted like cream, and timber tasted like sweet cake, and every tenth egg laid by a duck had a diamond in it, there lived up in the North of Ireland a very bad man." 

The third short story in Frank Delaney's series, "Storytellers," is far more than charming as he instructs, seduces, entertains and allows us to see how an oppressed culture might have learned the concept of justice through imagination.

Pigsong is one of twelve short stories that will be released monthly throughout 2012. In the introduction, author Frank Delaney describes how these stories are meant to recreate the art of storytellers who long ago travelled about, and when stopping for the night, villagers and neighbours gathered to hear his story. The story reads like a beautiful fairytale, but one meant for adults with powerful messages disguised between the brilliant prose. This short story focuses on the cruelties of slavery, the need for freedom, and treating each other with respect and kindness. And the main characters are pigs! Great fun by a masterful and eloquent storyteller.

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