Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Women's Historical Fiction - A New Exciting Blog

When I created History and Women Blog in 2007, I never dreamed it would become so popular and so well visited. It began humbly, simply, as a way to share and write about women in history, both good and bad, who fascinated me.  I recall the days when I hoped that readers would find it within the myriad of blogs in cyberspace. Today, I am proud to say that readers have indeed found me. 50,000+ visitors per month now stop by and take a look at what is written here. It is deeply humbling.

Since its inception, the blog has evolved and become a little more eclectic. Originally, the site was going to feature book reviews for biographical fiction only. Instead, it grew to include all historical fiction geared towards women. But it's become massive and so a little housekeeping is in order.

I've decided to split the blog into two. History and Women will revert to biographies and reviews of biographical fiction only and will expand into biographical movies and other topics of interest to women. I've created a new blog - Women's Historical Fiction. As the title makes clear, it is for women's historical fiction for more general novels. 

Women's Historical Fiction is up and running, but still being set up and refined. 

I do hope you take the time to acquaint yourself with the new blog! As always, I appreciate your comments and look forward to watching this new blog grow. 




LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Impressive statistics Mirella. I will be following the new blog as you already know I am reading more historical fiction.

Audra said...

congrats on the new development! Am going immediately to the new blog -- I can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I found your blog and can't wait to read the reviews.