Friday, July 27, 2012

Dodging Shells by Wendy Bertsch

When you open the pages of this novel, be prepared! It will not be what you expect. In fact, it will exceed your expectations. What you will find is a blunt narrative from a tough, gritty soldier who tells things like they are, through his own biting, but touching sense of humor. And it is this sense of humor that helps him survive horrendous battles and dire circumstances and the loss of life. Tommy is real, loveable, dynamic, and the penultimate hero. I defy anyone who picks up this book not to fall in love with this man. And the best part, is that he is real. He is the author’s own father. 

The story itself is factual and told with simplicity through the eyes of our Canadian soldiers. Tommy’s tale is revealed through letters he sends to his twin sister in Canada. Fun colloquialisms and humorous slang intersperse the dialogue and help to paint a realistic picture of Tommy’s resilient character. 
Cudos to author Wendy BertschWendy Bertsch who was talented enough to honor and immortalize her father in such a brilliant manner. I cannot recommend this book enough. All Canadians should read it – men and women alike. Get the book. Get it now!

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