Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Once More from the Beginning by Wendy Bertsch

 Here’s a new look at the Old Testament...but this time the women’s voice gets the prominence it deserves. Always witty, often funny, and definitely never boring, the women’s common sense outlook puts quite a different spin on the stories you think you remember. The men have had their way with history for far too long. Let’s see that ancient world through a woman’s eyes. You may be surprised! 

Author Wendy Bertsch has penned an intelligent, riotously funny, tongue-in-cheek, yet respectful poke at the Old Testament. And she tells it all from a woman’s perspective! I was utterly entertained from cover to cover. Told in modern language, and always with a touch of sarcasm aimed at the many beliefs and rites affecting womanhood, the book definitely tackles fascinating gender related topics. If you love comics who poke fun at gender differences, then you will adore this book!

The cast of characters in this colorful story includes Jezebel and the Queen of Sheba in addition to Eve and the men in these women’s lives, and many more men and women from the Bible. The dialogue is quippy and clever, and always great fun. In fact, flip the book open to any page, and you will find something that will make you laugh out loud. Some of my favourite scenes pertained to Sodom and Gomorrah and the Coat of Many Colors, but there are so many others, far too numerous to mention, that are equally as entertaining.   

Wendy Bertsch has forged a unique trail into a new form of humorous writing. Not only is she gifted with the ability to write comedic fiction, but she does so in a fresh, uninhibited manner that surprises and delights the reader. She is also the author of Dodging Shells, another must read, humorous novel about her father’s adventures in World War II. Having read both books, I strongly recommend them to readers across all genres. I’m eagerly awaiting her next novel. Wendy Bertsch is one of my all-time favourite authors! Read the book and you will see why.

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