Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Spirit of Lost Angels by Liza Perrat

Her mother executed for witchcraft, her father dead at the hand of a noble, Victoire Charpentier vows to rise above her poor peasant roots.

Forced to leave her village of Lucie-sur-Vionne for domestic work in Paris, Victoire suffers gruesome abuse under the ancien régime. Can she muster the bravery and skill to join the revolutionary force gripping France, and overthrow the corrupt, diabolical aristocracy?

Spirit of Lost Angels traces the journey of a bone angel talisman passed down through generations. The women of L’Auberge des Anges face tragedy and betrayal in a world where their gift can be their curse. 

Amidst the tumult of revolutionary France, this is a story of courage, hope and love.

Spirit of Lost Angels is an exciting novel to read with its many plot twists and high degree of conflict and emotion. The novel is set in 1700’s France around the time of the chaotic events of the French Revolution.

Not only did the author do an excellent job of plotting and characterizing the story, but it is evident she spent a great deal of time getting to know the era and the social circumstances and standards of the time, especially as they pertain to women.

At the heart of the story is Victoire Charpentier, a young peasant woman whose mother was executed for witchcraft. Subsequently, she is forced to leave her home to work as a scullery maid for a nobleman who soon violates her. As her life spirals out of control, Victoire joins forces with another woman and together they work at seeking their own justice and to use her influence to make laws fairer. 

A great book that readers will enjoy from cover to cover; one that will make you eager to return to the story to find out what happens next.

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