Monday, October 1, 2012

The Whirling Girl by Barbara Lambert

Caught in a net of her own lies …

When botanical artist Clare Livingstone unexpectedly inherits her uncle’s property in Tuscany, she travels to Italy to learn why—despite their estranged relationship and complicated past—she was chosen to maintain his legacy.

The hill town of Cortona, however, won’t give up its secrets easily. Clare is immediately plunged into intrigue. Two men pursue her, but with agendas of their own, neighbours try to delve into the story of her past and unscrupulous archaeologists are drawn to her property in search of buried Etruscan artefacts. Once again forced to negotiate between desire and history— in a balance as fragile as the orchids she illustrates for science—Clare realizes she cannot escape her life of deception until she finally confronts the truth she has kept buried so long.

The Whirling Girl by award winning author Barbara Lambert is a treat for the senses. It is the story of Clare Livingstone, a young painter of exotic flowers, whose estranged uncle has left her a property in Tuscany where Etruscan artefacts are buried. Like the long buried treasures, Clare also has buried some secrets of her own. Soon she finds herself caught between archaeologiests and anthropologists who are sabotaging each other to get their hands on the treasure, along with a host of other colorful villagers, neighbours, and other characters with agendas and secrets of their own. As the secrets buried beneath the earth are revealed, so are her own darkest secrets, which she must come to terms with.
Brilliant, meaningful prose can be found on each and every page of this fascinating, complex novel. Add to that, wonderful detailed descriptions of the lush Italian surroundings and rich culture, and you will find plenty to love about this novel. Because of its depth and complexity, yet with an easy to read prose, it is a novel to read slowly and enjoy to its fullest, just like as if you were leisurely sipping a fine wine. Humor, sadness, mystery, love, and loss all meld together to make an engrossing read. This is one novel not to miss.

From History and Women

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